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VOCHOC Products:

We are a certified Czech company (ČSN EN ISO 2001:2009), that has developed and manufactured personal protective equipment against thermal risks under the GoodPRO brandsince 1996. Since 2010 we have also intensively developed the GoodPRO FireProgram brand equipment for fire fighters.

innovative materials

VOCHOC Development and FR innovative materials

We manufacture our best GoodPRO protective clothing from innovative materials with a high proportion of natural, inherent and permanently flame retardant Lenzing FR®fibres. Thanks to these modern materials our GoodPRO protective clothing is more resistant against extreme heat and flame and displays minimal thermal shrinkage and thermal inertia.

innovative materials

We are constantly in touch with technology and material trends in the development of protective clothing. The VOCHOC company is the official Lenzing Quality Partner for the Czech Republic, and therefore has the direct support of a leading world manufacturer of innovative natural fibres – the Austrian company Lenzing AG. We also closely cooperate with the Technical University of Liberec and the University of Western Bohemia in Plzeň.

innovative materials


We not only regularly test our GoodPRO protective clothing in real industrial plants and under the extreme conditions of fire polygons in the Czech Republic, but also in authorised foreign test facilities in compliance with the European ISO 13506:2008 standards in force. We have official burn forecasts for our GoodPRO clothing from the independent Swiss institute EMPA and the AITEX Spanish textile research institute.

testování v EMPA testování v EMPA testování v EMPA testování v EMPA

  testování v EMPA testování v EMPA


The most important benefit of materials manufactured from Lenzing FR® fibres is the exceptional user comfort of GoodPRO protective clothing. The natural properties of Lenzing FR® fibres make GoodPRO clothing perfectly breathable and enables the transfer of body heat very well compared to 100% aramid clothing. Therefore GoodPRO clothing prevents overheating and has good thermal regulation under all circumstances.

termosnímek LenzingFR

The exceptional permeability of these materials has been confirmed by a benchmark test at the Medical University in Graz, conducted by Lenzing AG.

The thermal image of tested Lenzing FR® fibre clothing (left), taken under the physical strain of the subject in a special air-conditioned chamber with a regulated temperature of 35°C, clearly shows that body heat is transferred through the clothing away from the body, unlike the 100% aramid clothing, which does not transfer body heat (thermal image on the right).

The GoodPRO brand not only provides 100% protection, but also exceptional and unique comfort. This demonstrably conserves your strength and substantially contributes to your success during work under extreme conditions.

protection and comfortstrength and success

termosnímek 100% aramid


VOCHOC Communication:

We actively and systematically communicate with the users of GoodPRO products in the industry and among firefighters. We strive to pro-actively react to the needs of our customers and to present them with the results of our development and tests.
We traditionally participate in the prestigious international Interschutz and AA Düsseldorf exhibition and trade fairs, but also in the largest Czech events, including PyroCar. The VOCHOC company is also the General Partner of the largest fire-fighting news site Požáry CZ.
VOCHOC Communication

VOCHOC Support:

We professionally support our business partners and end users directly at the place of application of our GoodPRO products or adapt it to specific conditions according to individual requests.

The VOCHOC company also supports the most important fire-fighting events/championships of Czech Republic in Fire Sport, extraction of persons from crashed vehicles and TFA Competitions. Vochoc is the main partner of the extreme Iron Fire Man Prague competition. We have been a long-term supporter of the multiple World and European TFA champion Lukáš Novák, and competition teams from Plzeň in Recovery and TFA.

VOCHOC company also supports the most important fire-fighting events VOCHOC company also supports the most important fire-fighting events VOCHOC několikanásobného mistra světa a Evropy v TFA –Lukáše Nováka

VOCHOC Partners:

We are the exclusive distributor of Devold PROTECTION products by Devold of Norway in the Czech Republic. We provide our customers with quality Devold SPIRIT, Devold TOTAL and Devold SAFE non-flammable functional underwear made exclusively from natural materials – Merino wool and Lenzing FR®.

VOCHOC company also supports the most important fire-fighting events